E. L. Nelson Releases solo album

Blue Fantasy Angels guitarist  writer, has released his first solo album, entitled Angelic Dream, which will be followed up with Angelic Dream Two. But don't look for the very loud, raw, and heavy well known sounds of the Angels. Angelic Dream is a much quieter ambient sound scape album. Yes that's right (NO ROCK), but truly beautiful.

I am very happy about this album, stated E. L. in a recent interview. It's something I have wanted to do for a very long time now. My love for Tangerine Dream, Phillip Glass, Steve Roach, and others, in this type of music was always inside me, waiting to escape. And now at long last it's here. I hope people like it. There will be more ambient sound scape albums to come, this time with keyboard help from Angels lyricist Judy (J. C.) Nelson.   But "don't worry" Angels fans, a new Blue Fantasy Angels album Distorted Power, written by E. Nelson, and Judy (J. C.) Nelson, will be here around the first or second week of May. And "yes" it will be loud, raw and heavy. In fact, as E. L. puts it, LOUDER.

Angelic Dream;  a story in sound about the world of Angels, a Princess, the voices of magical gardens, the flight of freedom on magical horses, our hope and dreams in searching for all that is beautiful, surrounded by all elements of nature that carries the word of never giving up on one's dream of life.
These ambient sounds were recorded to enter the heart and soul, to relax the mind, and to awaken with the strength of believing.

                                   To purchase E. L. Nelson's  Angelic Dream please go to cdbaby.com, and   enter                                      E L  Nelson Angelic Dream, or check this site


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