E. L. Nelson Releases solo album 

Blue Fantasy Angels guitarist  writer, has released his first solo album, entitled Angelic Dream, which will be followed up with Angelic Dream Two. But don't look for the very loud, raw, and heavy well known sounds of the Angels. Angelic Dream is a much quieter ambient sound scape album. Yes that's right (NO ROCK), but truly beautiful.

I am very happy about this album, stated E. L. in a recent interview. It's something I have wanted to do for a very long time now. My love for Tangerine Dream, Phillip…

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Angels release four albums 

                        "Sculptures in Smoke - Complete"   Is  Available !!!            

At last; The way it was supposed to be, with out the fill in songs.
Set to the Powerful, thought provoking, writing of J. C. Nelson,
the creator of Sculptures in Smoke, a very hard , at times metallic,
raw wall of sound, is turning many heads, and ears.
Raw, Loud, Hard, and Heavy. Lyrically thought provoking and uplifting
 A  Surging Rhythmic, hard rock quartet, with a power trio sound,
in the likes of the Who Live, Jimi…

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