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                        "Sculptures in Smoke - Complete"   Is  Available !!!            

                         RAW, LOUD, HARD, and Heavy

At last; The way it was supposed to be, with out the fill in songs.
Set to the Powerful, thought provoking, writing of J. C. Nelson,
the creator of Sculptures in Smoke, a very hard , at times metallic,
raw wall of sound, is turning many heads, and ears.
Raw, Loud, Hard, and Heavy. Lyrically thought provoking and uplifting
 A  Surging Rhythmic, hard rock quartet, with a power trio sound,
in the likes of the Who Live, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath.

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    Also available, Blue Fantasy Angels; Early Years, The Inner War of Children

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    music sellers on this web site. To the many of you who have already bought

    our music, we  "Thank You".  Blue Fantasy Angels.

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                                     PLEASE NOTE :  

Due to other performers with BFA as their name, the band went back to their original name :                        

                               BLUE FANTASY ANGELS

        On various download sites,their album "Sculptures in smoke"

is listed as having eight songs. There are seven.

1-Rock and Roll Mach                       5-From the Heart

2-Problem Child                               6-Philly Kidds

3-Believe in Yourself                         7-Memory of the Future

4-I Rule the World

                          Sculptures in Smoke 2                          

1-Silver Strings                           6-Dream Bazaar

2-Alright by Me                           7-T'il I'm There

3-Soul Serpent                            8-Maple Leaf Muse

4-I Found Out                             9-Child of the Angels

5-Storm                                     10-Dream Again


The original 9 songs of the Sculptures in Smoke concept; are now re-released on one  album:   "Sculptures in Smoke"  Complete.

Sculptures in Smoke - Complete - CD

The Inner War of Children - CD

Greatest Hits - CD

Early Years - CD

Sculptures in Smoke - Complete - MP3 Download

Buy and Download; Blue Fantasy Angels, Songs and Albums - MP3 Download